Digital Design Lead


Sprint Business

The task

In 2017 Sprint Business’ website looked and felt like a true relic from the old web, boxi designs barely usable surfaces and content heavy pages. When Sprint came to us to tackle this problem we realised that we are facing a constantly changing 20.000 page + website which is handled by visually unaware staff.

In response we created a fully modular ecosystem which is in place to this day.


In the process we have rebuilt the design system from the ground up, rethinking how we adapt the print brand guidelines to digital and how we’ll utilise typography and what UI elements we’ll create.

As this is an evolving website we taken the atomic design approach to be able to deliver on such a high quantity of modules, components and UI elements.

Atomic design

We developed hundreds of components and implemented a backend system in place to automate the majority of the design work, so authors of the site can focus solely on content.

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